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HELP: trouble with FlufMod -- please help

as many of you know, and many of you dont, there is an amazing mod called FlufMod (;118141) that revolutionizes Jedi Academy gameplay, especially in MP. i love this mod, and would use it all the time if i could.
however, i have a problem, as usual. when i open the profile customization in MP, it lets me choose my character and force powers, but when i proceed to open the saber selection screen, the game crashes. every time.
im running with a clean base folder, and i even removed the extra FlufMod sabers from the mod folder to see if that helped. but even without custom FlufMod sabers, the saber selection screen crashes the game when i use FlufMod. i am at a loss. why is this happening? all the other aspects of the mod work great.
if it werent for this problem, FlufMod would be an amazing mod; it even adds new force powers! but this saber thing really gets me. help please?

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