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Faking Osama's death would be a very bad idea for any President. The problems with the idea are obvious. Politicians generally make their painfully stupid decisions on issues that are highly divisive, will greatly help their reelection, or both. Faking Osama's death isn't in the interests of either political party, and would be disastrous for a politician's reelection goals if the truth came out (and it would be next to impossible to conceal the truth). Even if Obama was the mental equivalent of a vegetable (which he isn't), one of his advisers would catch the flaws in the plan, and it would be rejected.

Also, I think it's a mistake to assume that Obama is stupid. Is he wrong on a number of issues? That's open to opinion (I disagree with him on many issues, agree with him on others). However, he is not a stupid man. If university taught me anything, it's that people can be extraordinarily smart, while also being extraordinarily wrong.

He's dead, Jim.

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