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I for one believe he's dead. If the government claims he's dead, and the military claims he's dead, I believe it. Why? Simple. The military gains only a small bump in "ATTA BOY's" by saying he's gone. It would make more sense to have him dead and pretend he's alive. Maintaining a ruse that he's still alive would actually give them more reason to maintain business as usual and keep funding at current levels. He made an excellent "boogyman" for the government to scare us with.

It's too early in the election cycle for it to be for a re-election campaign. Americans are on the whole relatively fickle. A month or so and it's out of the news. A couple months later, and it's nearly forgotten. A whole year and a half and you might as well be talking about 8-track cassettes.

Besides, if you want to take some of the credit away from President Obama on this, just understand that it was information gathered from people he told the American people there was no reason to question, in prison camps that he said he would get rid of. That should keep the righties happy.

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