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Originally Posted by Jai'galaar Bralor View Post
You're both wrong. It's called discipline.
Not if a cop does it. First off IF a cop does it, they can get sued by the parents. You and I may not have a problem with it, but it is seen in some parent's eyes as cruelty to the child. I raised two very healthy children and maintained discipline quite well without resorting to whoopins. You can maintain discipline without it. It takes a strong parent. And you have to start before the child gets to the stage where cops have to be brought in. If the cop has to be brought in, you have not done your job as a parent. Not to mention, I learned from my stepmom that if you hit the wrong part on a child, it can be very damaging to more than their "pride" as it can lead to several health issues. If you have to whip a child, please go for the lower legs. Specifically the calves. Still hurts like heck, but won't give them health issues later.

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