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Originally Posted by Mandalorian Knight View Post
And as far as political motivations go, this isn't something that *could* be faked, much less actually pulled off. There are too many parties involved, each of the stories would have to match perfectly. Moreover, something on this scale couldn't just be called a little white lie. Even if you could fake an operation of this size, the dangers far outweigh the benefits.
To the conspiritorially minded, nothing is impossible. The problem is, though, *pics, or it didn't happen*. If someone believes in the 911 truther stuff, how beyond the pale would this seem. I think enough people have become increasingly disillusioned with lying pols that they want some kind of proof beyond assurances and press releases. As has been pointed out, though, they might not accept such pics as definitive proof anyway. That Eagle won't land least in their eyes.

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