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Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
I think that you guys are missing something: you aren't considering that there are people like me who want to see the pictures and won't immediately cry photoshop. From visual proof, to seeing the effects of war, there are legit reasons to seeing pics like this.

Refusing to release them because you're afraid of the reactions of batty people is just catering to fear and hurts those, like me, do want visual proof and are mature enough to handle it. If you don't want to look at pictures of war, fine, but it's offensive to me to restrict other people from seeing them.
Why do you NEED to see them? Why would the pics be more believable than the government, The US military AND Al Queda saying that he's dead? It's pretty hard to get some form of consensus between the US and a terrorist group. As I said before, it makes no sense to fake it.

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