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Trevor has just answered some fan questions one in particular telling which platform its coming out on first;

1. I believe our current goal lies with a handheld version of the game. But, depending on its success, repackaging it back for PC and Mac isn't too far off.

2. What I mean by "Re-enhanced" is that we are taking all the old backgrounds and sound files and upping their resolution to match the ratio of iPad, iPhone etc.

3. We don't have any current plans to send it off for a windows platform at the moment.

4. While it may be going for Apple products, im not sure if we will have it for Android. Time will tell.

5. Once I find out our booth number for Comicon, I will be sure to let you guys know so you can come on by! I will probably be there helping out all (5?) days of the Convention at the booth.

So it looks like a iOS/handheld release first then on PC and MAC, this has happened before especially with the remastered Broken Swords.

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