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Originally Posted by Klw View Post

Also, say he did cause Anakin Skywalker to come into being. Shouldn't Anakin Skywalker, not Darth Plagueis, get the credit for bringing the force into balance?
The force may have been in balance, but only for a very short time. George Lucas himself said that balance within the force is not an equal power between Jedi and Sith, it is peace without Sith, existence without destruction. No one should get credit for bringing balance to the force, because it never happened. Balance in the force means the destruction of the Sith. as long as there is orphaned force-users in the galaxy, there will be angry force users, and they will turn to the dark side, creating a new sith order. There will never be balance, only cycles of a peaceful republic controlling the galaxy, only to be destroyed by a sith empire, and then the jedi will rise up, destroy what they know of the sith, and the jedi will begin the republic all over again.

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post

Actually, there is none.
seriously? an obscenely powerful force user is born in the outer rim, away from any influences of the jedi or the sith. To a mother who never conceived? Of course it is speculation, because Lucas has never said for sure who Plagueis created, personally i believe it was Anakin. There is no evidence to point towards plagueis creating palpatine either, palpatine was plagueis' apprentice, thats it. No other evidence. Believe whatever you want, i really don't care, but i immediately drew the line from plagueis being powerful enough to create life, to a fatherless force user that had the highest midi-chlorian count ever encountered.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Yeah, I know. What I meant with the first part was that the claim of Anakin being created by Plagueis begs the question of how the Dark Lord managed to not keep the boy in his possession.
Who is to say Anakin was created to be Plagueis' apprentice? Maybe he was an experiment. Plagueis had the potential to be immortal himself, if palpatine could do it, it is likely that plagueis could do it too. Maybe the plan was just to watch from the sidelines, to see what a powerful force user could do without any influence from either side. Or maybe anakin was just a freak of nature. until George Lucas decides to throw the fanboys a bit more controversy, it is all theory and speculation.

Originally Posted by Klw View Post

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the prophecy of the Chosen One predate the life of Darth Plagueis? That means that even if Plagueis caused the birth of Skywalker, he was just chosen by the force to carry out that task, etc.
i don't really understand where you are going with this one. are you saying it is dumb that plagueis was destined to create anakin? just curious.

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