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Aminta Jae

Originally reviewed 15 June 2007, that review is below:

KOTOR: An examination of the merits of good and bad, and the consequences.

The ending was a surprise, but after a moment, I was surprised that I had been. After all the story had gently led the reader to that point, and only our own biases would tell us anything else.

One of the more interesting suggestions was that prim and proper Vrook was known once for his escapades. It makes me wonder is the Jedi had been more akin to bees spreading pollen instead of Christian style monks.

Excellent work.

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Promise
Crystal001 under the name Walruseater

Originally reviewed 15 June 2007, that review is below:

From pre-KOTOR to game: Juhani’s life and her death

The work is excellent, the story and rational well considered and presented. Well worth a read.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Changed View

Originally reviewed 22 Jun 2007

KOTOR: A look at the life of Thalia May

Most of us ignore the shadowy non player characters. It isn’t that they are not there, or unimportant. It’s like the ultra rich with their servants. How many of them even bother to ask how that servant’s day has gone?

Noneko who has graced my reviews before makes us look, and the look is refreshing and fun. Well worth the read.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Knights of the Old Republic: Chapter One:- Ambush

KOTOR at Taris: The beginning through another author's view

The author has has some constructive criticism already, my main note then will be that Kyoko created a different view of the scenes by leaving out Trask and having her own actions slow the pod before it's crash.

For the Greater Good

A minimum of 20 years before TSL: Mical's mother reacts instead of thinking

The piece is outstanding. We get a good chance to see the interaction between the parents of nascent Jedi and the Jedi themselves. The characters from a 3 year old Mical to an actually sensitive Vrook are well portrayed.

Pick of the Week

Memoirs of a Friend

Post KOTOR: A brief interview about Revan's departure

The piece is well done, the POV pure Mission. Having her upset because the second missive from Revan came to her was also pure Mission.

Pick of the Week

In My Corruption

TSL no specific timing given: Having proven she can have Atton when she wills, a dark Exile now sets her sights on the Disciple

The author claims fatigue and delusions, but the work is actually quite good and up to the standards I expect. Disciple is like a pretty sculpture, and a Dark Exile would be drawn to such a person like a shark.

As for Santa: My ex-wife admits to a streak a paranoia, and she said as a child Santa terrified her. Knowing everything you do, recording it all, and able to strike at you where ever you try to hide, what is not to be paranoid about?

Pick of the Week

A Knight's Fall
Brazilian Sith Lord

Mandalorian wars to the Star Forge: Revan recognizes beginning of his fall

I thnk English must be you're second language, so I will not be harsh. You have a tendency to run words together at it can be disturbing. Everything wrong are editing problems, and my advice is to edit, reread, rewrite, and polish.

I didn't have time to read much, but the first section is well wrought and intriguing. As I said in my own KOTOR novelization; expediency is what you must use to fight a war, but at the same time, the road to the Dark Side is paved with stones of it.

Acid Etched

TSL, Citadel Station after Ravager: Some downtime for the crew

The only real editing problem is forgetting conversation breaks. Remember to watch for them.

The piece has a nice 'end of disaster, let's relax for a moment' feel to it. Like Bao-Dur you're left wondering if having this scene happen ten years earlier would have had them as lovers.

Feeling of Freedom

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: Relaxation is not what Kreia has in mind

The piece is basically generic because you anticipate the actions of all of the characters. Every one is doing what you would anticipate that they would do. Not bad work, but it needs some punching up.

Back in 2006 I published a novel entitled Wanderer: Gryphonrider II. In one scene while trapped in a torture chamber the main character her training as a child when her martial arts instructor got her drunk primarily to teach her how to still fight effectively while in that state. That is what I think the Jedi should have made part of their curriculum when teaching the young students. It is harder to resist love, anger, etc, if you don't recognize the symptoms, understand the cause, and know the counter balance.

Awkward Contradictions

TSL After Malachor V: The author said it best, coming home only to say goodbye

I agree both beginning and ending were weak, but the piece sits there like a Steuben glass, and dares you to edit.

Pick of the Week

Pink Banthas
Listed as by CrazyOcelot here, and has attribution to Lady Revan as Co-author.

Originally reviewed 2 March 2006 over at kotorfanmedia. The review is below:

During KOTOR: HK has a slight problem...

First: A very important safety point when you decide to read this. Under no circumstances drink anything while you do!

I knew when I saw the authors who wrote this that it would be a good piece. Neither of them has disappointed me so far.

What I did not expect was blowing coffee all over my monitor and keyboard because I took a sip! It was right after HK makes a comment about Revan sleeping...

But I am not going to ruin your fun. This work got 55 thumbs up and had 44 people willing to comment. I can’t praise it enough.

Reprise Pick of the Week

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