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My name is classified, so just call me Jamozk Ekhiss if you can't call me Mandalore.
I'm a scripter for both KotORs, currently hired for a restoration of K1. Don't worry, my services are free of charge.
By the way, the name comes from a sci-fi strategy game called Imperial Galaxy. You can't join right now because the website is broken, but if you PM me I'll tell you when you can. Then I'll give you some instructions to help you start.
I like bands such as Green Day, The White Stripes and The Libertines (and related bands); but I also like things like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

I'm Mandalore, KotOR scripter-for-hire. Some know me, most don't. Here I am either way.
My KotOR1 Restoration Project (not just mine, there's someone else):
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