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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
I agree, there wasn't really any gameplay. Hopefully they'll show us some real gameplay soon. The atmosphere of the game hit the right notes in that particular scene, however. But I'd like it if Lara can grunt a little less. It's actually pretty distracting.
^Everything he said. I'm hoping QTEs aren't as common in the main game as they are in that beginning segment. The grunting is over the top in both quantity and volume. Running about jumping and climbing isn't tennis; while grunting naturally happens, I've never heard someone do it that loud. Probably because when you're running, wasting oxygen on making your shouts extra loud is pretty stupid.

Grunting aside, was I the only one who felt that the voice acting seemed a bit off? Some less worried dialogue was delivered in a terrified-sounding voice, and some dialogue that should've had at least some fear in it ('I can't die like this') sounded flat and emotionless. Maybe it was just me.

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