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Youre talking about TSLRCM- the bao dur and HK thing, but that doesnt matter. In KotOR I, when you repair HK( i will list them numbered 1 through 4 for each time you repair him) 1. +2 Dexterity/2. he regenerates 1 vitality point every 6 seconds/3. I think is either +1 or +2 in constitution/4.He regenerates 1 vitality point every 3 seconds. Those are the only upgrades in KotOR I. In KotOR II including TSLRCM ) For HK: 1. +1 constitution(as you already said) 2. +1 in dexterity IIRC. For T3 all of them are dexterity bonuses except for the +2 constitution bao dur gives him and one of the repairs you do to give him +1 in constitution and dexterity. For G0T0 he only gets one upgrade which is +1 dexterity from bao dur. For remote i think is just dexterity, lol you dont get to use him though until the end. Hope this was what you were asking for, if so i hope it helped.

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