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Played the demo.

I don't know, there's not a lot to say. It's a very average action RPG... and that's about it. It's not a bad game, mind you, there's just nothing really appealing here.

The game plays it safe when it comes to gameplay; it doesn't take any risks. Combat is standard click-'n-slash, augmented by The Witcher's combat stances for basic tactics. You have special abilities that amount to "knockdown", "rage", etc., that are upgraded through standard character progression.

I guess there's a lot of loot, complete with a near-infinite armor & arms permutations. Then again, I've never understood the appeal for oodles of pick-ups.

The writing is... average. Not really mediocre, but nothing in-your-face that's typical from Obsidian. The same goes for the voice-acting.

The music on the other hand, is pretty damn good. It's generic Oblivion, high-fantasy fare, but with more bravado and orchestration. Honestly, I wouldn't mind buying this game for the soundtrack alone.

Graphics are good. When I mean good, I mean it looks "sufficient" for the mainstream gamer, and doesn't cut corners with any aspect. Textures look bland and muddy, but there's still some definition to it; this a console game, really, not the Witcher 2. The shadows and lighting are rather impressive, however, and this definitely is the Onyx Engine's strong suit here.

There's been a lot of complaints over the control scheme with standard mouse & keyboard. Basically, if you tolerated the camera in The Witcher and KotOR, then DSIII isn't much different. It's leaps and bounds over NWN2, but still nothing intuitive enough for a quasi-isometric paradigm. I've heard that using an Xbox 360 controller works wonders, but makes sense considering the consolized focus.

Speaking of consoles, the interface is built for those playing ten feet away from the screen. Big font sizes and UI elements abound. It's really atrocious for all PC configurations, but most PC players should be used to this schtick by now.

Technically speaking, this is most likely Obsidian's most solid game. The Onyx Engine is relatively well-optimized and still looks decent and pretty; I'm running with all graphics on "High", 2x MSAA, 16x AF, V-sync @ 1366x768 on an ATI 5650. Haven't had any crashes, bugs, glitches of any sort, but this is still just a demo, however.

Overall, it's a standard game. Nothing to run out and buy immediately, but nothing to really piss at either. For an Obsidian game, it's pretty uninteresting and generic, and is really just "another game" that will most likely sell moderately and have an "average" critical reception, but nothing to really write home about. Kind of disappointed knowing the developer's reputation, but not really grossly pissed either.
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