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Y'know. That was a point I didn't cover at first. The way it's designed, the heat sink is only attached to the four screws surrounding the GPU die. I felt like I was going to snap something if I handled it by the heat sink, it would creak a lot. Now, yes. Since Speedfan tends to lock my system up (I have no idea why), I only use it when I'm directly interested in the temperature of the card. So I didn't discover the super high temps until after a day or so of it being in the case. That's when I decided to install the ASUS cooling utilities... heh. Seems like the coolers on this card sort of demanded it.

After that, I was having severe issues with artifacting in Crysis 2, which IIRC is a sure sign of either overheating, stress from overclocking, or both. Since I didn't overclock, and this model is only 10mhz OC'd from the stock card, it must be physical failure brought on by severe heat.

But still, that doesn't explain the black screen I was always faced with in Window's safemode. Hell, if even the drivers were uninstalled (with intention to install them), it refused to load Windows. My nVidia drivers were a mess at that point, uninstalling and reinstalling them so many times, but I still got functionality when I plugged my GTX460 back in.

In the end, when I decided that the 570 needed to be RMA'd, I was back to the 460, but I still ran into one problem. After cleanly installing the latest nVidia drivers, they would stop working after a reboot. No hardware rendered programs (Firefox 4, IE9, Chrome all included) would run at all. Twice I uninstalled and reinstalled and was faced with the same issue: It would run fine after the installation reboot. But shutting down after that point, it would fail on load. (First sign was Win7's Aero being disabled).

So, I went to a restore point (seriously, I've only recently discovered the fool-proof-ed-ness of restore points, they work ****ing wonders) back in the middle of May (my system back-up was turned off the last two weeks). I was then back on my computer with January 2011 nVidia drivers and I'm back up to square one. For awhile I was fearing that this serious amount of mucking around with drivers would require an OS reset, but the system restore saved me there. But now I'm fearful of updating the drivers... I think the combination of new drivers and a damaged card nearly broke my system. I fear that updating to the new June drivers will mess up even my 460 at the moment.

Eh, what ever. I'll try to carefully update drivers in the next day or so and I'll see how that goes.

But now... for the replaced card I should be getting soon. ... I've got Arctic 5 thermal paste, would it be worth pulling the cooling unit from it to replace the thermal paste that comes with it? I highly doubt that it would void any sort of warranty, but would it be worth the time?

When the new card comes I'll definitely make sure that the temperatures stay good... there is a good probability that the card cooked itself / I cooked the card -- within the first few minutes of using it. If my memory serves me right, I believe the first game I played on it was Crysis 2, and that ran just fine for about 90 minutes. Then when I went on to BFBC2, it crashed the game twice and would not support any hardware rendering, as in, when I tried to start up Mirror's Edge, it crashed to desktop immediately. I never had a hard lock or BSOD with the card. Only crashes to desktop... would an overheating video card do that?

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