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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
For an Obsidian game, it's pretty uninteresting and generic, and is really just "another game" that will most likely sell moderately and have an "average" critical reception, but nothing to really write home about. Kind of disappointed knowing the developer's reputation, but not really grossly pissed either.
Actually, how can you even know that? For an Obsidian prolouge/opening it was actually pretty good.

For refrence judge the following games the same way:

Alpha Protocol - Greybox/Saudi Arabia
Planescape Torment - Mortuary
Baldur's Gate 2 - Irenicus Dungeon (Ok, not Obsidian. Still counts)
NWN2 - West Harbor
MOTB - Spirit Barrow
KOTOR 2 - Peragus Mining Facility

Also Standard Charachter Progression?

I don't know a game that has similiar charachter progression. (I just guess you mean leveling here) Its about specalising your existing abilites instead of choosing new ones. It actually reminded me a lot more of Fallout than typical Action-Rpgs.
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