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And my point was that 300 years is a long time for a society as a whole to still hate a group(without reason, because I don't think there's enough time in the galaxy for society to start liking the KKK, but then their whole message is hate). Your analogy is closer to the Jedi/Sith hate as opposed to the galaxy wide hate.

I kinda wished they had just moved it closer to the movie timeline. But there's the Darth Bane novels in there... But, this era allows for plenty of Sith and Jedi. Post Bane, you have the rule of two.

I kinda have to agree on the armor. But it's recognizable. And honestly armor style might stay similar. What changes are materials. Dragon Skin™ looks similar to certain scale mail armor, but the materials are WAY different.

And Militades, I'm pretty sure that most people would rather have had KotOR 3 than the MMO, myself included(actually I kinda wish we had both haha). I just prefer lemonade to lemons

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