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Tavaryn felt the blood rush to his head. How did she know? He knew that the existence of Alpha team was the biggest kept secret that Belina had. He certainly never old anyone and he knew that his men wouldn't either. How Alriana knew was something that made him wonder if somethig slipped. He tried to avoid it. "What do you mean? I am just a combat instructor?"


"As a matter of fact I do. I'm thinking that Alpha team might be the best unit to accompany me when we go to capture the Grand Admiral. Admiral Garja is going to be left in command when we leave on this mission."

Jun-la replied, "I see. So they are the famous unit that supposedly retook a commandeered vessel. I am guessing that the helmets do the talking." She had seen the team before just before they were sent off on a mission. No one could see who they were through the helmets and many people speculated who were the brave men who took on the job. "So we give him the deal?"

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