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"I see. So they are the famous unit that supposedly retook a commandeered vessel. I am guessing that the helmets do the talking."

"Yes they are. They're the number one special tactical unit that we have onboard the Ackbar. I have the utmost faith that they can get the job done. Now that I think about it...I might recruit jedi Alriana for this mission as well. I've seen her in action before and I think she could prove to be a capable fighter."

"So we give him the deal?"

Belina looked over at the Twi'lek and then looked back at Jun-la. "Yes...this information is important and if he is telling the truth he will be relased and his family will be relocated, but if he is lying...I think I'll let Xeran deal with him. Unless you want to deal with him."


"What do you mean? I am just a combat instructor?"

"Relax Tavaryn, only two people know about the existance of Alpha team. Admiral Belina and I are the only ones. Admiral Belina accidently let the name slip during a meeting and I did some research and eventually found out what it was. And the Admiral told me that if I told anyone else I would most likely be thrown in the brig for a few weeks. I know that she was serious."
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