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"If your information is as accurate as you say, we will provide safety for you family. Understand?"

the Twi'lek tried to hide a smile but failed as he nodded. "If this information is wrong, then you can lock me in your brig for as long as you wish." The Twi'lek looked up at the door as a sharp knock echoed through the room. "If the information is wrong then I'll be the one taking you to the brig!" Xeran shouted from outside the door.

Belina rolled her eyes and slammed on the door. "Xeran, go to the bridge! Your in charge of security until jedi Alriana gets back aboard."

She shook her head and smiled sheepishly at Jun-La. "Xeran may be a bit crazy but he knows when to be serious.


"I'm sorry for not saying anything."

"It really doesn't bother me that you couldn't tell me about Alpha Team Tavaryn." She said with a smile as they headed for the point where the wounded were being transported to the Ackbar and a few of the other ships in oribit. "You had to keep the secret because you were ordered to. I know that if had been up to you you would have told me. I don't hold any anger towards you."

Admiral Garja limped towards the site where the republic was collecting their wounded. He knew for a fact that one of his arms was broken and at least three of his ribs were broken. He had been on his way to meet up with the rest of the republic forces when he had been ambushed by two enemy troopers. After a short but brutal battle he had managed to kill the two trooeprs but had been badly injured. He was using a stick that he had found on the floor to keep upright.

Just a little further...he thought.
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