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TOR ate my KotOR
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Played the demo. Not going to judge the game by the demo because the demo was pretty bad, but so was the last demo I played and I ended up loving the game.

The best thing I can say about the demo is I thought it broke my computer. My PC is usually lit up blue, but after starting the game the key board, mouse and PC all turned bright green. When I quit the game all went back to normal. So I restarted the demo and bright green again. So I played annoyed that my preferences were overridden. Later upon finding a horde of mercenaries everything made sense. Everything went from green, to blue, to yellow, to red, to Anjali’s death.

Not going to give the demo much credit, reminded me a little of Fable 2 and the first half of Fable 3. Nothing really exciting, but thinking I will give it a go since there is nothing else is out right now that interest me.
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