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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Nothing really exciting.
That just about sums up the first Dungeon Siege game (by Gas Powered Games). The feeling I was left with after playing that game was horribly wasted potential.

It was a game with a beautiful seamless game world without any loading screens at all, where building interiors and exteriors existed in the same world space (so none of the usual deal where a small shack has a palace-sized interior). This beautifully crafted game world was essentially empty, though, and devoid of a story other than "get to this castle at the far end of the continent to take revenge on the bad guy that burned your farm", or some such.

Sure, you tripped over new nameless, irrationally aggressive creatures every 2 steps, but they were pretty much all the same, and combat got boring after 2 hours. The whole game only contained 4 fights that stood out from the rest. No NPC interactions other than some NPC monologuing at you to give you a quest (which there wasn't many of). Sure, it was an Action-RPG, essentially a Diablo II clone, but the end result still turned out to be boring to play.

So if Obsidian can keep the same beautiful seamless game world and fill it with actual memorable RPG content then this game might be able to live up to the potential that the original had but squandered.

But I guess we'll have to wait until the full game is out to know, since developers seem to have the odd idea to put the most boring and dull levels of a game first, and subsequently make a demo of that. So I'll just skip the demo to avoid disappointment.

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