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Give LF's TOR Guilds a name!

TOR will be upon us by the end of this year (we hope!), and it's always been our intention to have an Official LF Guild, or two, if we get enough people playing on each side.

We have set two up, LF Knights and LF Sith Knights, but these were placeholders we set up when the Guild program launched back in March, and I think you'll agree that those names aren't particularly inspiring, or even original - let's face it, they suck.

Which is why we want your suggestions - you guys make LF what it is, and as this is going to be a guild for everyone on LF, it's only right that you all get to have a say and play a part in naming the guild.

There are only a few guidelines -
  1. To keep things manageable, try to stick to one name each, or one name for each faction.
  2. No offensive names - that should be obvious, really.
  3. Assuming we get enough suggestions, this thread will close to new submissions on July 31st, and then we'll put the names to a vote.

We look forward to your suggestions!
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