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"Velian, what the hell is going on? Do you copy?"

"Of course, you moron!" replied the sniper acidly. "I'm under fire! Hang on!"

Hearing the pointed and menacing sound of projectiles arching her way, Diana squatted down and made her way further along the metal maze. She tried to aim her trusty Vdova at the figures below who were engaged in heavy combat, but she knew if she shot down one of her own, it would be entirely counterproductive. The shots had made her turn in the opposite direction from the room with the gas vents, though, and when she realized it, it was almost too late. "Crap!", she hissed under her breath. This was not going well at all. Should she turn around and try to reach the gas consoles again? No.

There was another top-secret room at the end of these catwalks, a sort of "failsafe" release chamber. Many experiments were being conducted at this facility, and some of them were lethal. In case any "specimens" or "subjects" got out accidentally, if one could make it to the catwalk and then that room, all would be well. A proton-emission cloud would kill all living creatures inside, contaminants or not. A desperate measure, but she was desperate now...

"I'm going to activate the failsafe."

"Are you insane?!"

"Shhh! Keep your voice down! It has a 120-second countdown. I'll make sure that both you and I have time to escape. The others are expendable, I hope."

"Surely you're joking..."

Diana shut off her communications device and made her way toward the failsafe chamber. There was too much chaos, pounding in her head and the research facility itself, for her to pull off any clear shots with Vdova.
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