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I quite like the series, mainly BG 2. I've noticed that while opinions vary wildly on most RPGs, there are very few people who outright hate BG 2.

I think this may be because many people worship games like Planescape for its writing and story, Temple of Elemental Evil for its combat, and other RPGs for whatever it is they do best. People will like those games more or less depending on what they see as the most important features of an RPG. Those who put combat first often dislike PST, and those who like a story or actual choices often dislike ToEE.

BG2 strikes a balance between extremes. It doesn't match ToEE in combat, PST in writing, or Acanum + Fallout 1/2 in choices, but it does each of those features quite well. It may not have enough of whatever someone considers the key aspect of an RPG to make it their favorite, but it'd be unlikely for them to not enjoy it at all.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
You'll probably find BG1 fairly brutal in comparison to today's RPGs. If you are completely unfamiliar with D&D mechanics and Infinity Engine games, make sure you save a lot.

I would highly recommend you investigate some bug fix mods. If you have BG2, I would also recommend one of the amalgamation mods like BG Trilogy etc. Check out the Spellhold Studios and Gibberlings 3 sites.
^I agree with everything DarthParametric said in this post.

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