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I've figured it out. These instructions are for Visual Studios 2010. Here's how you do it....

1. Swap the names of jasp.exe and jamp.exe in <steam install>/SteamApps/common/jedi academy/GameData. (jasp.exe->jamp.exe; jamp.exe -> jasp.exe)

Note: This will make steam load JKA multiplayer by default instead of singleplayer. To load singleplayer, you will need to use the "Launch Multiplayer" option in steam.

2. In your debugger options, set your debugger .exe to steam.exe in your steam install folder.

3. To your debugger command args, add "+set fs_cdpath "<your dev path>"".

This makes the game include your development folder when looking for game assets. (This use of fs_cdpath is functionally backwards from when debugging a CD copy of JKA.)

4. After starting to debug, you have to use Debug->Attach to process to actually debug.

I think this is because steam.exe is really just a launcher for JKA, but the debugger doesn't understand so it assumes you've finished debugging as soon as steam.exe closes.

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