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1) Never trust a site that can't even get the NAME right.
Terry Holdbrooks was the guard.
2) nobody gets "fired" from the military without serious due process. He got an honorable discharge for a "General Personality Disorder." In order for that to happen a base psychiatrist has to get involved. It's not something that can be just thrown out there.
3) There are quite a few Muslim soldiers in our armed forces. Some of them are actually serving at Gitmo.
4) Muslim terrorists are the one fighting a religious war. WE are not. If we were it would actually be a lot simpler, with less worries about offending the perpetually offended Muslims.

Get your facts straight before you rage against the armed forces. Better yet, go ask a soldier if he cares that the guy next to him is a buddhist/muslim/jew/christian, or would he rather just know that he's got his back.

Ugh... and reading up on him... He's a 9/11 truther too... Born from drug addict parents, raised by hippies, yeah... Okay... I'm starting to see why the military gave him a GPD Discharge...


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