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^^^ Emirates 24/7? You mean like the United Arab Emirates? The same UAE housing Dubai that tried to buy out our (USA's) national port security under our noses, from George Dubya and would have succeded had the American media not informed us? (One case where I can actually say the American media is the lesser of two evils because it acted in the favor of American people. Just saying.)

Oh no, they aren't slanted. At all. Certainly not like that extremistfairly moderateAmericanized Yahoo! news. Though I am pleased they use the older spelling of "moslem".

Brooks said he had first concealed his decision to convert to Islam from other US guards at Guantanamo, adding that when the officer learned about it, he and the other soldiers began to treat him cruelly and accused him of betraying America. Around two years before the end of his contract, he was fired from the army.
Fired? I thought it was discharged without honor when they essentially kick you out of the military? A simple religious conversion would not warrant that. And even in the case that this were true, why have we not heard more about it? I would have thought all the rights activists and groups would be up in arms about this? The American media Fuux Noose and PMSDNC certainly would never miss an opportunity to rile up their audiences. That tells me that maybe there is evidence Mr. Brooks may have done something else to warrant the discharge.

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While I don't doubt that this could've happened, I can only find one source for this, and saying that someone was "fired" from the army seems a bit fishy.

I'd assume that they mean either an 'other than honorable', bad conduct, or dishonorable discharge, but those don't get handed out lightly, certainly not for an ordinary religious conversion. Either the story's bunk, or Brooks did something dubious during or after his conversion.

I don't care who or what a soldier prays to as long as he'll pull the trigger when the time comes. Unfortunately, given this specific guy's words, I'm not certain he would.
Seconded because I don't think most military people (nor citizens) care what you believe so long as it doesn't impede you from doing your job and duty to America.

I may be of the crowd who thinks the whole OBL death thing smells fishy, but that doesn't mean I'm turning tail and putting down our military for it.
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