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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, stoffe, but it looks like Dungeon Siege III will have save points instead of being able to save whenever you want. They don't work in the demo, but there are unactive save points.
Urgh. There really is no excuse for using checkpoint saving nowadays. Just forces you to redo a lengthy chunk of content over and over and over if you run into trouble or want to try something different, or need to stop playing for a while to do something different when not being near a checkpoint, which is just a boring waste of time. :/

But at least they can't use the "Save often and in different files" hint to work around a bug-ridden crash-prone game then...

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
got stuck 10 feet above the ground when switching between human and fire form. After trying everything I could think of to get back at ground level I just quit. I will not switch form again on stairs.
There is no flight or jumping in the game, then? Strictly 2d movement?

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