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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Funny thing is, he even says that he never witnessed any torture. Just humiliation... Which while not exactly something that makes us look good(it would be nice if we could do away with it, and that the terrorists would be forthcoming with information), it is still just this side of the legal aspect. He claims to have knowledge of this or that, but when questioned, it becomes what he heard from so-and-so.

As far as I'm concerned he can convert to whatever religion he wants. It's not really surprising that someone who is around a religion all day might come to see it as not as bad as portrayed(especially since Islam is portrayed so poorly now a days). Heck he may even have found that part of himself that was missing in Islam.

I think the facts are being twisted by him to make it seem as though he was treated unfairly because of the choice of religion. But the fact that there have been and still is a Muslim chaplain on base should clue some of us in that it isn't some taboo in the military to be Muslim.

Quite frankly IF we were fighting a war against Islam, ask yourself two questions... What is the most sacred place for Muslims? How long do you think it would take to get a massive bomb over Mecca?
Guess it would depend on how far a war escalated. Given that most of the European nations in WW2 were at least nominally Christian, it didn't stop churches from being destroyed. My guess is either unlikely or how far away is the ship parked that nukes Mecca?

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