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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Point is, IF it were a religious war, I don't think we would have any trouble dropping big bombs on religious sites. And we have a LOT of big bombs. And they are actually cheaper than the small bombs we use against strategic targets. Heck there are some pretty massive conventional bombs that would do the trick. Do like the Muslims did during their expansion, blow up a religious site and place your own on top of it.

But that's assuming we threw away all our morals, and went hog wild against Islam... No pun intended... If we were to become sadistic and highly anti-Islam... You know... in short, like Michael Savage would have us prosecute the war.
I imagine if we end up in a conflict with a bunch of muslim nations, it won't be in the current politically correct style. More likely like WW2, in that it'll be total war all over again....Curtis Lemay/ "Bomber Harris" style (ie virtually no restrictions on targeting). IF that happens, we'll have another 50 or more years of desconstructionists wearing hair shirts, screeching about how amorally/immorally the US behaved.....yet again.

As to OP, he converted, big deal. As to the motive behind his reeks of opportunism.

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