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"You had to keep the secret because you were ordered to. I know that if had been up to you you would have told me. I don't hold any anger towards you."

Tavaryn gave a slight swallow, still surprised that there was at least someone who didn't try to berate him for his secrecy. He replied, "If I had known you were on the Ackbar when the team was created, I would have gone to great lengths to stay away. Then again I would have gone to any lengths to make sure that you were happy." He then gave her a chaste kiss on her temple.

He then cleared his throat and said, "As far as Alpha Team goes, I guess I might as well send the signal." With his good hand, he reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a device that looked like a comm unit. He keyed in a code and sent it. "Any who live know to rendezvous where my signal is at."


Tariq had never been in a full scale battle like this before but as the LT's right hand man, he had seen things that most troopers would never see and that was all in part because of the unit he was assigned to. After the Ackbar, they went to surface to lend their skills to the Avalonians. Now they were scattered over the field and Tariq was about to comm the LT when he got a signal. He pulled out his device and recognized it. He strapped it to his wrist and followed it.

He happened to come across Admiral Garja. He said, "Admiral, sir." He raced to steady the admiral. "Are you alright sir?"


Governor Starlighter was pleased that her family was alright after this battle but it was disheartening to see the constant brushes with death being brought to her door. The part of her that longed to pick up the sword again flared. She was her mother's daughter after all. She was also a woman and a mother and her heart went out to Andorra and it showed when she stroked the girl's shoulder.

After her brother started heading back she patted the wyvern to indicate that it could leave but she doubted that it would leave without saying good-bye to her friend. She went back to the main operations room of the keep and came across Kaltas' daughter and her promised one. The girl asked her about a transcript. She replied, "As far as I know, the Senator for our sovereignty has not taken any course of action. This noble I do not recognize. I think we should pat a visit to the archives in the Okasa district in Tyan-Yu. It should still be standing since the archives were built underground. You care to join me?"


Andros just grinned as he continued his work, "The admiral made a similar offer. I have much to learn still from my master."


Xeran may be a bit crazy but he knows when to be serious.

Jun-la returned the grin, "I got that impression when he had the blade hidden up his sleeve when I went to arrest him. He thinks I didn't see it but I did." She winked and turned her attention to the Twi-lek, "We will consider your offer. For now you will remain our prisoner."

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