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"The admiral made a similar offer. I have much to learn still from my master."

Koral laughed. "Well...I'm sure that she'll keep the offer open until you decide and even if you don't she'll probably keep hounding you until you accept."

"I got that impression when he had the blade hidden up his sleeve when I went to arrest him. He thinks I didn't see it but I did."

"You'd be suprised at the number of weapons that he has hidden on him at all times. You probably missed the blaster pistol, the dart launcher and the the knives he has hidden in his boot."

"You also forgot the wrist launcher!" Xeran's voice came from the other side of the door.

Belina turned towards the door and hit it. "I told you to get to the bridge Xeran! Now get going before I throw you in the brig!"

She turned back to Jun-La and shook her head. "I swear...If he wasn't such a good fighter I would have had him commited to a medical facility years ago."

"We will consider your offer. For now you will remain our prisoner."

The Twi'lek smiled at the two of them. "I agree to your terms. Just remember that whatever troops he has with him will be highly trained."


"If I had known you were on the Ackbar when the team was created, I would have gone to great lengths to stay away. Then again I would have gone to any lengths to make sure that you were happy."

Alriana smiled. "I'm always happy when I'm with you Tavaryn. If you would have left the Ackbar I would have gladly resigned and followed you."

"Are you alright sir?"

Garja grabbed onto the shoulder of Tariq and tried to steady himself. "Not really, I was ambushed by a few of the remaining enemy troops and I'm pretty sure my arm was broken and I think I have a few broken ribs. If you could escort me to the rendezvous point."
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