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"I'm always happy when I'm with you Tavaryn. If you would have left the Ackbar I would have gladly resigned and followed you."

Tavaryn felt his heart constrict in a pleasant feeling. He knew that it was his love for her that was causing his feelings to surge out of control. Ever since he admitted it to her, he felt he could do anything. EVen though it made him uncomfortable he had to say it, "So you could chase away the horde of admirers away from me?" He kissed her forehead to show that he was teasing her at his expense.

"So am I going to like the little conversation you want to have once we're back on the Ackbar or am I going to have to run for cover?"


"I'll gladly assist sir. If you come with me, Alpha team will be meeting up with Alpha One," Tariq replied. He then pulled out a medpack and handed to the admiral. "Here sir, that should help." He then checked his wrist device. "They're heading back to the ship we came on sir. Can you make it?"


"Well...I'm sure that she'll keep the offer open until you decide and even if you don't she'll probably keep hounding you until you accept."

"Persistence is her name I see," Andros commented, "Then again she has an even match with my master. And she gets downright scary when she decides to be un-Jedi like."


"I swear...If he wasn't such a good fighter I would have had him commited to a medical facility years ago."

"Better than being a merc," Jun-la commented. She then listened to the Twi'lek's response. She then smiled and said to the prisoner, "Then tell us what kind of force he has surrounding him."

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