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Question How many removed units are there/how do i put them back?

Hello all, have been working on a mod, and as the name suggests, I'm now trying to add in all the units that were removed including heroes (Eg; Venator, mara jade etc) but I don't know how many there are or exactly how to do it. Also, if i add too many will some not have room to appear on the taskbar in-game? And will i need to write descriptions for the units? I've also heard talk that mara-jade is somewhat weak in space battles, how would i add a tie escort? Thanks very much for reading this, if you know the awnser or can point me to a guide i will be very appreciative!

UPDATE: I found out through editing the uniqueunits.xml that the jedi cruiser is the venator, however when i add it to the game by adding build times etc, two venator buttons appear in land tab, even though I specified space?.... The same thing happens with swamp speeders although it appears in the right tab, i get 3 buttons, one has chewies face in the corner of it... I'm getting kinda confused as I had no such problems with the v-wing fighters... Pls help!

Edit: Question has now been resolved on another forum.

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