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Okay. Jeez. This stuff just won't give me a break. I'm running into a lot of the same issues I have before, but I was careful to hardly put any pressure on the heat sink, I've watched the temp the entire time and it has never surpassed 52°C.

Since my PSU is powerful enough, I don't think that's to blame.
I've never had any issues with my RAM (they're actually really nice).
I suspected my Mobo, but that doesn't make much sense because the 460 runs just fine. Also, about the Mobo, I think Speedfan is just buggy. I found a new program called "HWMonitor" and I don't get crashes.

Well, along with Aero being off after a restart being a bad sign, I realized that DxDiag would crash as well when started. But then I found out that trying to run DxDiag a second time would give this error: CLICK. So that made me suspect that DirectX was doing something screwy when I had the GTX570 in...

I've done my best to clean install my drivers and all this jazz. I did some stuff about keeping drivers from activating in boot. After a particularly potent combination of uninstalling the nVidia drivers, uninstalling my display adapter from Device Manager, cleaning all traces of nVidia drivers, and using a shady looking program to remove DirectX I ****ed up my computer so bad that for a few minutes my computer wouldn't even start up, and I couldn't turn it off unless I actually removed the power...
Man, I forgot I had a repair disc in a box under my bed, but I'm so glad that I looked there, hoping I would find a disc with what I needed... thanks, past self!

I restore-point'd back and instead of trying to uninstall DirectX I installed the DirectX 11 SDK in an attempt to "repair" DirectX. And it seems that worked, because restarts no longer bork my computer.

But I'm not out of the woods yet.

Direct3D seems to be running smoothly finally, as in restarts do not turn off Aero desktop, as in I can actually start up games whenever I want.

But now I've got freezing games again, so far I've only tested Witcher 2 twice, and both times after about 5 minutes of play they froze, requiring a hard reset of my PC. It's not the temps, they only got to 52°C (Idle is around 45°C).
I believe that this is now a pure stability-related issue with my card since issues with driver errors and DirectX seem to be cured/ruled out.

Now, I've got a hunch that maybe adjusting my VCore to higher levels may help. I keep reading articles about how upping the voltage helps you overclock, and I've seen some random forum posts about how it can improve stability... so I want to give that a try, but I don't know the first thing about it. I'll be asking some help from a friend later, but I don't know what to do just yet. I'll try under-clocking the card's GPU by a few MHz (like, 10-30Mhz reduction) and see how that works first, as in there is no danger in that. ...

What I have to work with here.

Voltage increase? Can it help improve stability now that I've fixed/cured/ruled-out many other problem spots?

DxDiag stuff if anyone can actually make sense of it.

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