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"Then again she has an even match with my master. And she gets downright scary when she decides to be un-Jedi like."

Koral shuddered slightly. "That is one thing I hope I never have to see. A jedi acting un-jedi like. I imagine that that would be a frightning sight. I've seen Admiral Belina get mad, in fact on one occasion during a stay at a shipyard she got so angry that most of the bridge crew ran off the bridge. In fact only Admiral Garja stayed on the bridge with her."

"Better than being a merc,"

Belina actually shuddered. Xeran as a solder for hire, that was a frightning thought. "If Xeran even became a merc I really hope he'd work for the republic, I've seen him in action and I don't want to be on his bad side."

"Then tell us what kind of force he has surrounding him."

"I do not know the name of the unit he has guarding him but I do know of their reputation. They are said to be made up of the best solders in imperial space and are only called into action when the Grand Admiral needs them, they are like shadows, appearing only when the Grand Admiral calls for them and then vanishing once their job is done. I would advise extreme caution when going after the Grand Admiral."


"So you could chase away the horde of admirers away from me?"

Alriana blushed as he kissed her on the forehead and then grabbed his hand and then a wicked smile appeared on her face. "I would make sure they would never bother you again."

"So am I going to like the little conversation you want to have once we're back on the Ackbar or am I going to have to run for cover?"

Alriana smiled again. "I think that you'll like it. But when we do have the conversation It needs to be done in private."

"They're heading back to the ship we came on sir. Can you make it?"

Garja took the offered medpack and smiled. "I believe I can now. I need to get back up to the Ackbar as soon as possible to see if I can be of any assistance."
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