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"I think that you'll like it. But when we do have the conversation It needs to be done in private."

Tavaryn blushed but covered by teasing her, "Oh I get it. I get a private execution for being careless during battle and almost dying. My kind of punishment."

"I would make sure they would never bother you again."

Tavaryn smiled even though she jarred his stiff arm a bit by grabbing his hand. It was worth it to see her smile. He then said, "You know there is an easier way to ward off the girls my family and nobles seem to sic on me." He smirked to tease her, "Of course I can't tell you all the details unless you agree to go through it."

They had come to the drop ship that they arrived in and Tavaryn looked round for signs of his team. The first to arrive was Scatty. He grinned, "Scatty, you would be the first, after getting into your usual scrapes first."

"Always sir."

One by one the members of Alpha Team wandered back per protocol. The medic of the team spotted Tavaryn's injuries and proceeded to look at them only to have Tavaryn skirt away. "Doc please."

"Orders sir. You know what she'll say."

Tavaryn groaned. The last time Alpha Team came back from a mission, he had to be put under house arrest to recuperate from injuries that went untreated until they reported back to the Ackbar. Belina assigned Doc to the team with orders to keep an eye on him and if he refused to inform her and she would deal with it and he wasn't going to like it. Tavaryn didn't want to test Belina's wrath since it was a known rumor that she could make grown men cry with the exception of Garja. "Fine, fine but I refuse your drastic measures for the record."

"Noted sir."

Tavaryn looked sheepishly at Ariana, "I'm a pain in the arse I know."


Governor Starlighter nodded, "You have the name of the noble? The senator will handle the Senate for now. We need to know more about this unknown. Perhaps he is a betrayer, one who disgraced the family name and joined with the Empire."

"I agree milady," Tonatius replied, "There are plenty black names out there that bear grudges against our people... some with personal vendettas."

"Yes, like the one against my family. And I am sorry that your cousin is now a part of that as my daughter," Governor Starlighter replied looking sad.

"You gave her a home when no one else could. That is a debt we cannot repay," Tonatius replied. Turning to Kalla he said, "Now moi chroi I'll find out news on the roads so we can get to the bottom of this and maybe we can get back to Coruscant with minimal fuss."


"I believe I can now. I need to get back up to the Ackbar as soon as possible to see if I can be of any assistance."

Tariq nodded and led him to the drop ship where the rest of his team was waiting with the Jedi advisor. He noticed that the LT was annoyed that Doc was poking and proding at an injury and grinned. The LT brought it on himself but it sure was fun to watch. He said, "Sir, Doc can take a look once we are on board. The rest of the team is here."


I've seen Admiral Belina get mad, in fact on one occasion during a stay at a shipyard she got so angry that most of the bridge crew ran off the bridge. In fact only Admiral Garja stayed on the bridge with her.

Andros gave a chuckle and said, "I heard that she can make grown men cry. I can't imagine what she did to my master's uncle if he crossed her and he's one of the bravest I know."

He finished replacing the necessary wiring and did a clean sweep of the systems. He then brought the systems back online and decrypted the main computer. The systems hummed to life with full force. "We have full power and then some. More than enough to make it to Coruscant and back in its current condition."


I do not know the name of the unit he has guarding him but I do know of their reputation. They are said to be made up of the best solders in imperial space and are only called into action when the Grand Admiral needs them, they are like shadows, appearing only when the Grand Admiral calls for them and then vanishing once their job is done. I would advise extreme caution when going after the Grand Admiral.

Jun-la nodded, "Any idea of the type of tactics they use besides the disappearing act?" She knew the Shinigami were good at what he was describing but they had a specific mandate...unless a few went rogue. She shuddered at the memory of her uncle and his early years. He may have barely toed the line but even he would say that he went rogue.

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