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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
I am a Janey-come-lately to CRPG's, having only now downloaded BG1. I've never played it. Heck, I even played KOTOR 2 before KOTOR 1, and never finished DA:O because I kept screwing up and dying in this one part. By then it was too late to respec my char. I think I'll like BG nonetheless.
I think you will, too, but instead of downloading it you should have just gone ahead and bought this. It has both games and their expansions on one DVD, and it's not expensive at all. That way you can go ahead and use the Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod, which combines both games and their expansions into one big game. It ends up being literally 100s of hours of gameplay that I think you will love. These games are huge, and, compared to modern cRPGs, hard as hell.

Before you do that, though, mess around with BG1 a bit and see if you like the gameplay at all. Keep in mind that BG2 is far better than the original. If the version you downloaded came with Tales of the Sword Coast, you can use the widescreen mod to run it at any resolution you wish. I recommend 1280x800 for a 16:10 monitor or 1280x720 for 16:9. It has to have the expansion installed or it won't work.

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