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"Oh I get it. I get a private execution for being careless during battle and almost dying. My kind of punishment."

Alriana shook her head while smiling. "I didn't think that you were careless during the battle, and I have no intentions of executing you...for now. But I have thought about what I'm going to ask since I found out you were aboard the Ackbar.

"I'm a pain in the arse I know."

"I certainly don't think your a pain in the arse." Alriana said as she began laughing. "But rest assured, sometimes the things you do drive me crazy."


"I heard that she can make grown men cry. I can't imagine what she did to my master's uncle if he crossed her and he's one of the bravest I know."

Koral chuckled. "Are you talking about your master or Admiral Belina? Because back when Admiral Belina was still a captain I heard that she made the previous Grand Admiral of the fleet burst into tears after he made a mistake concerning the crew roster. I have to admit, even thought she runs a tight ship there is no Admiral I would rather serve under."

"We have full power and then some. More than enough to make it to Coruscant and back in its current condition"

Koral took a quick look at the power levels and nodded in approval. "I have to admit, I'm impressed. The only other times I've seen the Ackbar at full power was after our last major refit and the power levels didn't stay at full power for long."

"Any idea of the type of tactics they use besides the disappearing act?"

The Twi'lek shook his head and then stopped for a moment as a sudden thought came to mind. "There other thing. I didn't mention it earlier because it is only a rumor but I think you should know."

The Twi'lek took a deep breath.

"There are rumors that some of the solders of this unit are trained in the ways of the dark jedi. No one knows if these rumors are true...but I have always been told that rumors have some basis in truth."
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