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"There are rumors that some of the solders of this unit are trained in the ways of the dark jedi. No one knows if these rumors are true...but I have always been told that rumors have some basis in truth."

Jun-la listened at the report trying hard not to react. She had heard of circumstances like this and it never boded well. She asked in deliberate tones, "Have you seen aby of these trained in these ways?"


Are you talking about your master or Admiral Belina? Because back when Admiral Belina was still a captain I heard that she made the previous Grand Admiral of the fleet burst into tears after he made a mistake concerning the crew roster. I have to admit, even thought she runs a tight ship there is no Admiral I would rather serve under."

Andros replied, "I'm referring to the Admiral. My master's uncle seems to be one of the few that can get away with being familiar with her though I suspect that changed when he joined the crew."

"I have to admit, I'm impressed. The only other times I've seen the Ackbar at full power was after our last major refit and the power levels didn't stay at full power for long."

Andros did a little mock blow and buffed his figers against his robes. He grinned, "All in a day's work. Now I suspect that there are minor systems that need fixing like the bacta tanks in med bay?"


I didn't think that you were careless during the battle, and I have no intentions of executing you...for now. But I have thought about what I'm going to ask since I found out you were aboard the Ackbar.

"Just as long as it doesn't involve you hitting me. I bruise easily," Tavaryn grinned. He then let out a hiss as Doc examined the wound across his chest. He then rolled his eyes.

"I certainly don't think your a pain in the arse. But rest assured, sometimes the things you do drive me crazy."

"Glad to see that I haven't lost my touch though I am curious as to how I drive you crazy," Tavaryn replied. He then gave another hiss and jumped away from Doc. He then said, "Alright that's enough. I don't care if she puts me under house arrest again. Just stop it. I'm fine."

"Orders sir," Doc replied, having heard it before.

Tavaryn held a hand out, "Please. I'm fine and honest truth. Write you're report and I'll take the heat for it. I always do and she hasn't broken me yet."

Doc sighed. It was the usual every time the LT got so much as a papercut yet the Admiral had ordered him to "chase after him with the hypodermic" as she put it. He said, "Well everything looks fine and whoever removed what was in your shoulder did a good job."

Having thought he satisfied Doc, Tavaryn caught sight of Tariq with Admiral Garja. He walked towards the Admiral and asked, "Sir are you alright?"

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