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"Rest assured, it doesn't involve hitting."

Tavaryn raised a brow. "Oh so it involves lightsabers then. No fair." He grinned enjoying teasing her.

"Well...for one thing you always seem eager to rush into combat situations."

Tavaryn used his good arm to wrap it around Alriana's waist, liking the feel of her arms around his neck. He smiled at her but his voice was sober, "Being Alpha Leader doesn't exactly allow you not rush into combat and I am never that eager. First rule of combat is that the oficer is always the first one out. Something I learned from hanging around the fleet."

Tariq had been watching with the rest of the men. He personally thought it a good thing that the LT was so happy.

" appears that I missed something. But to answer your question...I should I be fine. A few broken bones won't kill me but Admiral Belina might if I don't get up to the Ackbar soon."

Tavaryn, still holding Alriana, chuckled, "She'll kill me first for hiding from Doc, sir." Seeing that all his team was there he then said, "Everyone aboard then. Tariq, man the stick and alert the Ackbar that we are coming."

Tariq replied, "Aye sir," and disappeared into the ship. He went up to the cockpit and began warming up the systems. He then commed the Ackbar, "Wayfarer to Ackbar. This is Sgt Tariq. We are returning to the ship. Repeat, we are returning to the ship."

Tavaryn was the last to enter with Garja and Alriana. He managed to spare a glance at Haruka who was loading up his own ship and grinned. The boy turned out well. He showed Garja the med bay and said, "Feel free to use what you need sir."


Governor Starlighter nodded, "Do what you think is best. Komad Kaltas, Avalon thanks you for your help as well as you Iyav. Do what you can to find out about this threat. Now I must go see my daughter off on her trip." She gave a bow of appreciation and left.

Tonatius waited until the governor left before addressing Kalla, "Well moi chroi, shall I see about getting us a ship to Coruscant?"


It looks like those can be repaired within a few hours."

"If the Mandalorian tech is still on board, then yeah," Andros replied. He then noticed a blinking, "Koral transmission coming in. The Wayfarer."


I have heard that the abilities of those trained in the force are formidable opponets.

Jun-la went back to Belina and whispered, "I know Jedi Haltra is capabale but what about your special ops force? Do they have experience with Jedi techniques?"

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