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"Koral transmission coming in. The Wayfarer."

Koral hit a few controls and the screen flickered once and then went dark. Koral muttered something under his breath and hit the console with his fist and the screen came to life."

"Putting the transmission onscreen." Koral said as the image of one of the troops on the surface appeared on the screen. "Wayfarer to Ackbar. This is Sgt Tariq. We are returning to the ship. Repeat, we are returning to the ship."

"Acknowledged Wayfarer." Koral answered. "Make sure you bring Admiral Garja back up the ship, I'm sure that Admiral Belina has questions for him about what happened on the surface after she left."

"I know Jedi Haltra is capabale but what about your special ops force? Do they have experience with Jedi techniques?"

Belina thought for a moment before responding. "I believe that some of the squad has experience but not all of them. Still I do trust the leader of the squad to do his best and that should be enough."


"Being Alpha Leader doesn't exactly allow you not rush into combat and I am never that eager. First rule of combat is that the oficer is always the first one out. Something I learned from hanging around the fleet."

"Well...just promise me you'll be more careful when your fighting and take care not to get killed." Alriana said jokingly.

"She'll kill me first for hiding from Doc, sir."

Garja couldn't help but laugh and nod in agreement. "I don't doubt that. But she might show us a bit of mercy since we were in a combat situation."

"Feel free to use what you need sir."

Garja looked around the medbay and immediatly grabbed something to kill the pain he was feeling. "Don't mind me...I'll just be here for the ride back up to the Ackbar."
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