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"I believe that some of the squad has experience but not all of them. Still I do trust the leader of the squad to do his best and that should be enough."

Jun-la nodded. "I'll defer to your judgement. They are your team after all." She gave a grin. "I think we should go and make plans before you cook up any more persuasion schemes for my pupil."


Andros felt relief that the Wayfarer was alright. He knew his master would be devastated should something happen to the owner of that ship. He was surprised that it was stationed on the Ackbar and wondered. Out loud he asked, "Koral, out of curiousity, did the Shinigami end up serving on the Ackbar?"


"Make sure you bring Admiral Garja back up the ship, I'm sure that Admiral Belina has questions for him about what happened on the surface after she left."

Tariq grinned. He replied, "The admiral is on board. ETA ten minutes." He then began easing the ship off the ground into order to head for the Ackbar. HE called over the comm, "Ladies and Jedi this is Sgt Tariq, I'll be your pilot this afternoon. Per request of the LT this ship has been designated a non smoking craft and for those of you enrolled in the Ackbar frequent flyer program you'll be earning a hundred credits and as always make sure your seats are in their upright and locked position."

Scatty had taken the co-pilot seat and was laughing. "Sarge, you sure know how to make a trip interesting."

Tariq grinned as he eased up and lifted off.


"Don't mind me...I'll just be here for the ride back up to the Ackbar."

Tavaryn replied, "Still sir. Use what you need."

Tavaryn then took Alriana by the hand to the security camera room. He explained, "One of my more favorite places to be when I want to get away from it all."

He knew she was worried for him and he heard it in her voice even though she jokingly told him to be careful. He pulled her close and said, "What you said earlier about being careful, I always am. For you." For the second time being daring, he gently kissed her on her lips, feeling their softness. His forehead touched hers as if he were nuzzling her.

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