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Stat Question - PLEASE HELP!!

In need of some desperate answers here, hoping you guys can help me out. I have a really important question to ask and I couldn't find this info on any of the guides I checked.

I was checking out some character builds and I found a description for a strength build that I really like, despite the negative aspects to it.

With my current layout, in order to achieve the strength build I want, I'll be needing to remove some points from my charisma to get the ridiculous 18 base strength. This will put my charisma to 8.

My question is this: will the -1 modifier from my 8 charisma affect the FORCE POINTS I get per level from charisma? In other words, will I be getting only 3 FP per level as opposed to my default 4 FP?

In addition, this build is a very specialized build I realize that. I have one other question. For a combat focused character, is wisdom and charisma really all that important? All I want to do is be able to cast a few force moves per fight without having to worry about buffing my group or healing (I'll have others do that). I'm thinking of going 10 Wisdom and 8 Charisma.... would that be ok for this? I honestly don't see how I'd be at such a huge disadvantage.

I really need an educated answer, I kind of want to start my game tonight and I can't find this information so now I'm totally doubting myself.
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