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Translating Zak and Maniac V1

I know topics like this have been discussed many times and I have read many threads about it. Yet I don't get it.
Recently I got a copy of the old Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion EGA-LowRes-Versions (V1) in english. AFAIK these versions were never released in any other language. As I played the very similar C64 version in german in the early nineties I planned to translate my "new" games and play Zak and Maniac in retro-style.
So I got scummtr and started. And here begin my problems:
I can extract the texts into an editable txt-file and I will hopefully abled to reimport them. But what about the graphics? I read a thread about extracting Indiana Jones and the last crusade, but the method described there does not work for me. I always only get the textfile and nothing else extracted from the lfl-files.
What am I making wrong? How can I get object- and room-graphics in an editable common image-format out of the games lfl-files and afterwards back into?
Thanks for help!
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