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Hey guys I'm actually working on a mod which will be the continuance of the first Republic Commando.

So first, i present myself. I'm XtaZe from UG clan (ex Soc) which is a french skilled clan. I started this mod one or two years ago but at the beginning I didn't understand anything until I asked Skip and Hockey to have some tutorials.

This mod is mainly inspirated of the amazing Arc Trooper Mod from Carbonite Modders and of the awesome Republic Commando II Delta Operations from Cyro.
So i thank you guys for the inspiration you give me.

In this mod, Delta Squad starts on Kashyyk and they have to destroy the Wookiee resistance.
At the same time, on Kamino, Kaminoians found a new member for Delta Squad : Viper.

There is a complete description of the mod and some screenshots here:

For the moment, it's just the beginning so i don't think it will be finished before a long time.

I will thanks members from Cyro Productions and Carbonite Modders for some models I used and I'll sure credits all of them.

If someone will help me with modding or mapping, it will be cool

PS: Updates will be post here and on moddb
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