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Ashes of Eres III

Mandalorian Wars: How Malak lost his jaw.

The piece flows well, the reasoning excellent and Malak's blind fury leading to his injury. I especially liked how Mandalore merely took the jaw, showing his contempt for the warrior he faced.

Mandalorians Don't Cry
Arkatrine the Unpure

Originally reviewed 13 June 2007, that review is below:

On Tatooine after the confrontation with Jagi: A brief bit of comfort.

The style is good. In fact the only negative I have to say is it’s too short!

Today's Notes: The piece is short and poignant with Canderous breaking down in the aftermath of Jagi's suicide. I for one only went through the side quest once, and didn't like the idea that you had only two options, kill Jagi or allow his suicide. This is a gentle look at the aftermath.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Who Knew

Spanning Revan’s life: Revan has memories of the man she once knew, and had to kill.

It’s knelt not kneeled. The piece is poignant in that you can see the memories of the woman from when they first met, until she sat beside his tombstone. You can feel all the emotions evoked by her simple prose, interwoven with the song.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Not a Kid Any More

KOTOR on Korriban: Mission undertakes a mission without bothering to get permission, and learns about others watching over her.

The piece is good, Mission moving from being a child to an adult, all because the mission she has undertaken can't be done by anyone else. Her attitude came across clear and her looking back and thinking that she did not have (mark the equipment) back in the under city. Her internal dialogue lambasting Carth and Zaalbar was just too cute.

Pick of the Week

A Night in the Archives

No specific time given: Mission and Mical blow up the archives.. Which one is not mentioned.

The piece was fun because you have two people as different as possible. Mission laying her powder train, Mical whining internally at the waste all to destroy one book. A lot of fun from both perspectives.

Pick of the Week

I Always Meant to Tell You

KOTOR aboard Leviathan: An unsuspected denouement

The piece covers the fight on the bridge of Leviathan, but the biggest surprise is the last line. Well worth the read.

Pick of the Week

Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords

TSL on Peragus: A Generic retelling of the start of the game.

The piece is a well done albeit generic retelling of the incident on Peragus station.

On the Battlefront

Clone Wars at Geonosis: The first battle for a trio of clones

The battle scenes are just as hectic as they are in real life. The nonsequitors were a bit much. You ignored the point that while obedient to orders, the clones have to be capable of independent thought, otherwise they would not be efficient soldiers.

Rand Atton Rand
Robert 'Fox' Kitsune

TSL on Dxun: Atton is catapulted to leadership

The piece is confusing because there is not provenance for why the Exile is going dark. Atton, the one you would expect to go dark with her is opposing her actions, and gets left behind.

Burning Skies

KOTOR on Tatooine: A peaceful interlude

The piece is fun because due to the heat, they have nothing to do, so everyone settles into their own proclivities; Mission Juhani and Revan playing with the Gizka, Bastila meditating, etc. Then the innuendos that Revan had kissed Canderous, and the next kiss while overlooking the dune sea. The last three paragraphs made the story.

Pick of the Week

Tika Dane: Cleanup
Myst Dragon

Post KOTOR: The crew of the Ebon Hawk tries to find a middle ground to enjoy life

The piece has a fine 'relax after hell' feel to it; the crew trying to relax and go on with their lives, their leader trying to connect not to who she had been, but who she is now. The brief attempts of Carth and Revan getting together are amusing because every attempt fails miserably.

Perchance to Dream
Ilea Drake

TSL on Dxun: The Exile has a flash of Jedi future sense, and witnesses Atton's Death

It wasn't until half way through the story that you find out that the poignant death scene was a Force vision. Her emotions run rampant and as you would expect she is now worried about him.

Cigarra Smoke and Pazaak Cheats

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: A quiet night aboard the ship... Not!

The piece runs rampant with Pazaak, mayhem and fun tickling each other. Very amusing

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