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true, the only clones that were left as Jango were the ARC troopers, which kinda bugged me about the clone wars show, they talked about moving a couple of clone troops into ARC training, but you weren't trained to be an ARC, you were born an ARC. Something like the Commando's however, they could be trained from regular clones (trooper Cor for fans of the RC book series), but the ARCs were a very specific "breed" of clone.

Although Boba was a direct copy of Jango, he had no accelerated aging, he had no alterations what-so-ever, he was also raised as a son. The way a Mando would raise a son, not trained to be a killer now, because he would be dead with-in 15 years, either by the accelerated aging, or being killed in battle. The clones/RCs/ARCs were "taught" by teachers, but still remained with clones, Boba lived with Jango, and would grow up as a normal child would, or as normal as you can be when your "dad" is an intergalactic bounty hunter, and also technically the father of several hundred thousand other boys more-or-less like yourself.

There is also another little thing in the clones training that got me thinkin, the clones swore allegiance to the chancellor, not to the republic, not to the jedi, and not to any government body, JUST to the chancellor, someone should have thought that was odd. Soldiers today swear allegiance to the country they defend, not to any single person in particular.

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