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"Don't worry, I'm going to guess that you and your pupil are needed elsewhere so I won't draft Andros. But I want you to know this: You and your pupil have both helped the crew of the Ackbar and that makes you an honorary part of the crew. If you ever find yourself needing a safe haven the Ackbar will always be open to you."

Jun-la smiled at teh admiral. She replied, "You have always been a fair woman Belina. Thank you for your offer and I accept. As much as it will pain me to stay away from my moi chroi longer than planned, if you will have me and my pupil, we will help you on this."

Jun-la then grinned in a joking manner, "Though I think a safe haven would be in better interest for a certain Jedi and a Shinigami." She knew for awhiel the feelings that were between her uncle and Alriana and she understood why they parted. She had a feeling that the two would meet again. The Force had a funny way of bringing people who should be together, together.


"I'm not exactly sure. I heard rumors that there was one aboard but the rumors died shortly after they started. Why? Is there something that makes you think there is one aboard?"

Andros paused a moment but then replied, "Well the Wayfarer belongs to one. The brother of my master's father."

En Route to the Ackbar

"I'm going to hold you to that."

Tavaryn accepted her kiss, gently feeling the softness. "I know you will and I wouldn't have it any other way."

He held her with his good arm, aware that he would eventually have to let Doc see to the stiffness in his left. Just as long as it didn't mean being stuck in a bacta tank. He tried to rotate his arm to work away the stiffness but only got pain for his trouble and he let out a low hiss. Aware that it could be taken the wrong way, he said, "Sorry. The arm's a bit stiff and sore."

He held her close, laying his head on top of hers, taking in the scent of her hair. HE spoke through their bond, I'm glad I found you again moi chroi.

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