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"You have always been a fair woman Belina. Thank you for your offer and I accept. As much as it will pain me to stay away from my moi chroi longer than planned, if you will have me and my pupil, we will help you on this."

"Feel free to invite your moi chroi aboard as well. As far as I'm concerned if he's a friend of yours then he's welcome aboard the Ackbar as well. We can always make room aboard the Ackbar for one more." Belina said with a smile.

"Though I think a safe haven would be in better interest for a certain Jedi and a Shinigami."

Belina was confused for a moment and than a smile appeared on her face. "Yes...I've heard quite a few things about those two since they came onboard. Some of the crew are calling them heroes for their actions during the space battle earlier."

"Well the Wayfarer belongs to one. The brother of my master's father."

Koral thought for a moment and then snapped his fingers. "Your talking about the new combat instructor aren't you? He and Jedi Alriana came aboard around the same time. I didn't know he was a Shinigami though."

En Route to the Ackbar

I'm glad I found you again moi chroi.

And I'm glad that you managed to find me. She sent back through their link. I promise that I will always stay by your side.

Admiral Garja knew that something was wrong with him besides the broken bones. He felt himself getting dizzy and his vision was starting to blur. He nearly went down and had to brace himself against the wall to keep himself from falling the floor. He tried to stand up straight but he was getting weaker by the moment.
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